How can I see my video views?

You can see your video views by clicking on the video, and then clicking on Edit Video under your profile photo. This will open up a page where you can edit your video and see its stats.

Can I see other users’ # of views?

Video views for other users’ videos aren’t shown. This is done so users decide who they want to connect & work with based on content (we do incorporate views into our logic). Instead of views, you can see the number of Applause videos receive from other users (up-votes).

Do Applause help my view count?

Absolutely. The more Applause your video receives the higher it is rated and more likely to be suggested to other users.

If your video receives enough Applause on any given day, it can be added to the “Popular Today” section on the front page, and seen by anyone in that location on Daystage.

Each day, the 10 videos which receive that most applause in any given location shown in “Popular Today” the following day.

How can I accept payments?

In order to pay for a service found through Daystage, or accept payments, then you have certain options to do so using third party tools (e.g. PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer).
Please note that Daystage isn’t affiliated with any such third party tools so only proceed with paying or accepting payments from people you know.