What is Daystage?

Daystage enables music professionals to easily access new career opportunities and expand their networks. Daystage is used to find music services, jobs, collaborations, live events and more, anywhere.

Who is Daystage for?

Daystage is for anyone who is part of the music industry: music artists, bands, songwriters, producers, venue owners, music festival managers, mixing/mastering engineers and more.

Is Daystage free?

Yes. Daystage is 100% free to use.

How Daystage Works?

Musicians use Daystage to collaborate together and find music pros to work with. You can see opportunities in real-time with profiles, bio and videos, and filter the results to find the people who are a good match for you.

Work with musicians and music pros worldwide, for free.

When someone thinks the two of you may be a good match they will send you an invite to connect. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to accept this invitation – once accepted, you can then message each other and discuss and possible collaborations or job opportunities.  Why is this a big deal? Because for the first time you can find leads and people to work with absolutely free!

Want to get more invites to connect?

Make sure to upload videos showing your experience and finishing projects. The more videos and applause (upvotes) you receive, the more you will be seen by others.

How you get jobs on Daystage?

After connecting to you, users may message you, request a call or estimate, or ask for your availability. If you’re interested in working with them or keeping in touch, reply quickly.