Receiving payment for a job

When you are hired for a job on Daystage, you’ll work directly with your customer to resolve payment.

Here are 5 tips to follow before starting a job for a customer:

  1. Before the work begins, write out a contract. This ensures both you and the customer know what to expect and are on the same page in terms of the time & work required for the task.
  2. Be upfront regarding any extra costs that may come up.
  3. Keep all receipts. This is helpful for recording expenses.
  4. Sometime requiring a deposit before starting a job is helpful to put you at ease when working with a new customer.
  5. Keep your customer updated throughout the job by sending updates via Daystage/email.
  6. If you are receiving a payment by check, it’s good practice to wait for the check to clear prior to completing the work.

Making or receiving payments through Daystage isn’t available.  If you’re having issues receiving payments from Daystage customers, please let us know at

Finding Services

On Daystage you can find professional singers, writers and session musicians. Other types music services include:

  • Recording Studios
  • Music Producers
  • Programmers
  • Mixing Engineers
  • Mastering Engineers
  • Remixers
  • Sound Designers
  • Post Prod. Mixers
  • Live Sounds Engineers

You can see all services in your country or state absolutely free! Keep in mind that some providers are available for remote hire while others are local only.

Finding New Customers

To find new customers, make sure to post opportunities for each service you provide, and in all the locations you are available. If you provide remote services, you can add as many locations as you’d like as long as they are relevant.

It’s free to create a profile and list your business on Daystage. 

The first 15 connections are free and yours to keep. Once you reach 15 connections you will still be able to see 3 connections per opportunity or you can pay a small fee to access all of them!  You can post opportunities (paid job, service, live events)  in any location absolutely free! Potential customers will see your opportunities in the areas you posted them and can decided to connect with you, send a message and ask for your availability.

There are no transaction fees and you don’t pay per lead. You can decide to upgrade to Daystage PRO and access all leads & connections only once you’ve reached your monthly limit. From that point on – all communication is absolutely free.