I can’t see me YouTube video

Make sure you are logged in to the right YouTube account – if needed, go to youtube.com, sign out, and log in to the correct account.

If you still can’t see your videos, let us know at team@daystage.com with a link to your Daystage profile.

How to appear in the ‘Popular Today’ section

Videos that receive the most applause on any day, appear in the ‘Popular Today’ section on the homepage for 24 hours.

Nothing happens when I click "Publish"

Make sure that you have added a title, description, and hashtags to the video. In certain cases, you may need to shorten your description (when importing from YouTube for example). If the problem persists, please send us an email to team@daystage.com

I see a "video unavailable" error

When Importing videos from your YouTube channel, make sure playback on other websites is enabled.

If not you can follow the below steps to fix this:

  1. Visit your Video Manager.
  2. Find the video you’d like to change and click Edit.
  3. Click Advanced Settings under the video.
  4. Check the Allow Embedding checkbox under the “Distribution Options” section.
  5. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page

Why should I use video hashtags?

Using Hash Tags is very important when uploading a video to Daystage. It ensures your video is shown to the right people who are most likely to view it and want to connect with you.

If you’re video makes it to the top of the ‘Videos Most Applauded Today’ section, then the first hashtag will be shown beneath it to all viewers – make sure it gives users an idea of what they should expect if they click your video.  Good examples of a first Hash Tag are: #rock #pop # hiphop or #rockguitar #popsinger #drummer. Examples of Hash Tags you shouldn’t use are: #music #singer #song or #love #colorful #excellent

Should video quality be high?

People decide who to connect with based on the videos they see, this is why it’s best to upload high quality videos to your profile. You don’t have to use High Definition videos, but it’s good practice to make sure that both the audio & videos are of good quality for users to enjoy and want to connect.